Neodymium Performance Magnets

Highest Magnetic Properties Even for High Temperatures

What are NdFeB-Magnets?

Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) is an alloy of Neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and Boron (B) that is used to make the strongest permanent magnets currently available. Here are some important properties of these remarkable magnets:

1. High magnetic anisotropy: NdFeB exhibits high magnetic anisotropy, which means that it has a preferred direction for its magnetic properties. This "easy direction" is determined by the crystal structure and electron structure of the material. Twisting the spins and thus the magnetic moments from this direction requires energy input.

2. Strong magnetic field strength: NdFeB magnets offer high field strength with small dimensions. They are particularly useful in applications that require strong permanent magnetic fields, such as loudspeakers, DC motors, linear motors for hard disks and electric generators in wind turbines¹.

3. Composition: The alloy NdFeB has the chemical formula Nd₂Fe₁₄B. Depending on the microstructure and manufacturing process, high coercive field strengths of 870 to 2750 kA/m can be achieved. The remanence flux density is typically 1.3 T, under ideal conditions even up to 1.6 T.

4. Commercial designations: NdFeB magnets are labeled with an N followed by a number that stands for their magnetic strength. Common values are in the range from N35 to N50. A following letter indicates an increased permissible operating temperature (s Table of our magnet grades).

We offer 4 level of gardes:

  • N is typical standard grade
  • F is non heavy rare earth grade
  • G is GBD grade 
  • L is low heavy rare earth free grade

(GBD = Grain boundary diffusions)

These powerful magnets are used in a variety of applications and are a fascinating example of the fusion of materials science and technology.

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